A story about War, Friendship, Love, Heartbreak and Betrayal


South China Sea, Present Day. Tension Arises as Chinese Warships arrive at the disputed Scarborough Shoal

and Spratly's Islands. They had everything fenced from other naval vessels to pass through.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines takes every action they can to stop Chinese tyranny, though, they failed.

Without the help of their number One ally, The United States, the Phiippines stands alone.

It's now up to the best of their ability to protect what is theirs. Who are they going to trust?

The story doesn't revolve on just one character, the story will follow different people,

From the President of the Philippines down to a fisherman's son,

how will the conflict affect them, and how will they deal with it.

How will this conflict end?

Through Blood and Bullets or Through Ink and Words...



Men, Lines and Waters.

The Comic title represents Men (the characters involved), Lines (sovereignity; the battle lines and the disputed claims of both countries)

and Waters (the vast South China Sea/West Philippine Sea and the conflict taking place there is where our story will focus)